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Downtown Waterfront Master Plan

Project Overview

The Downtown Waterfront Master Plan capitalizes on opportunities to improve connections between the downtown and the waterfront, to reflect North Bay's Indigenous history in meaningful ways, and to create new centres of activity (both indoors and outdoors) that can maintain a vibrant downtown and waterfront year round. 

The Downtown Waterfront Master Plan has the potential to provide significant economic benefits. These benefits may include:

  • Attracting new businesses and creating jobs;
  • Encouraging private sector investment;
  • Impacts of construction;
  • Expanded opportunities for local residents;
  • Increases in tourism;
  • New or expanded festivals and events; and
  • Opportunities for the local film and television industry.
Click here for the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan
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Key Projects

The redevelopment proposed in the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan is anticipated to be implemented over the long term. It is to be expected that future projects will not precisely follow the concept plan but will evolve to meet the needs of the City and the study area over time.

Individual projects in the plan have been categorized within immediate, short, medium and long term phases.  

Projects In Progress

Parks Vendor Policy Review + Webpage

Policy Project

City Staff is in the early process of reviewing existing vendor policy and finding ways to allow for more vendors in the downtown & waterfront.     

Main Street Revitalization

Infrastructure & Landscape Architecture Project

A key component of the Master Plan is the revitalization and reconstruction of Main Street, which is the main commercial street in the Downtown Core. 


Study was commissioned

The Master Plan was commissioned by the City of North Bay in spring of 2016 and was carried over a 10-month process.

Final Draft

The Final draft of the Master Plan was presented to City Council in March of 2017.

Official Plan Amendment

Policies within the City's Official Plan were amended in order to reflect key policy recommendations in the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan.

Zoning By-law Amendment

Zoning By-law was amended to reflect the zoning recommendations within the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan.

Adoption of Plan by City Council

In October of 2019, City Council adopted the Downtown Waterfront Master Plan as a vision for Downtown redevelopment and long-term capital planning.

Key Dates

Wednesday June 17 2020
Opening of Rotary Splash Pad

Wednesday September 02 2020
Growth Community Improvement Plan official launch

Tuesday November 16 2021
City Council Adopts Parks Master Plan


Beverley Hillier

Manager, Planning & Building Services (705) 474-0400 ext. 2403

Adam Curran

Policy & Business Development Planner, MAAC Staff Liaison (705) 474-0400 ext. 2402

Joel Therrien

Special Project Development Planner (705) 474-0400 ext. 2404