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City prepares for 2021 Road Resurfacing Program

North Bay, ON – March 29, 2021 – The City of North Bay expects to repave 37 sections of roadways and five sections of pathways as part of its resurfacing program this year.

A total of $3.6 million has been budgeted for the 2021 program, for which a tender was recently issued. This is in addition to patching and work on rural roads which also takes place annually.  

The list of roads for rehabilitation as part of the program is developed through a quantitative and objective process that is updated every four to five years by a third party for the City. 

Roads are scored and ranked based on traffic usage and other criteria including riding comfort, noise, cracking and stress.

Though the City has traditionally prioritized arterial and collector roads, it has started in recent years to tackle lower-usage residential and rural roads that are considered to be in the poorest condition.

Depending on condition, roads included in the program will undergo various types of treatments, including milling and paving, pulverizing and paving, overlay and reconstruction. Roads requiring major reconstruction, however, are typically addressed as standalone projects and also include other infrastructure improvements.

The annual re-surfacing program also includes ongoing crack sealing, which helps extend the life of roadways. 

The tender for the program closes on April 20, 2021. Once a contract has been awarded, work is expected to continue until the end of October. The following list may be subject to change based on the tender bids and costing received.


Street                                                  Limits                                                                   

Frost Avenue                                         Meighen – Montrose

Memorial Drive                                      Judge – Stanley

Wyld Street                                           Second – McIntyre

Fraser Street                                         Second – First

First Avenue                                          Regina – Fisher

First Avenue                                          John - Regina

Lansdowne Avenue                               Algonquin – Ann

Lansdowne Avenue                               Algonquin – O’Brien

Main Street West                                   Nipissing – Gormanville

Chippewa Street                                    Cassells – High

Booth Road                                            Ferris – Birch’s

Vimy Street                                            Browning – Algonquin

Hutcheson Avenue                                McLoed – Douglas

McLoed Avenue                                    Lansdowne – Hutcheson

Morin Street                                           Lansdowne – Lorne

Foster Street                                          O’Brien – Gould

Second Avenue                                     Ferguson – entrance to 150 First Avenue

Vanier Street                                          Albert – Rankin       

Rankin Avenue                                      Montrose – Vanier

Lakeview Avenue                                  Mapleview – Surrey

Joseph Avenue                                      Gladstone – Woodward

Cartwright Avenue                                 Lakeshore – Whitney

Gladstone Avenue                                 Ethel – McDonald

Gladstone Avenue                                 George - Charles

Ethel Street                                            Lee – Gladstone

George Street                                        Lee – end

Amelia Street                                         James – Colgan

Alexander Avenue                                 Kingsway – Eglee

Gordon Avenue                                     Granite – Carlo

Mckay Avenue                                       Eastview – Gordon

Parkwood Avenue                                 Pinewood – Cedargrove

Marshall Park Drive                               Labreche – Massey

High Street                                            Mcleod – O’Brien

Albert Street                                          O’Brien – Vanier

Passmore Street                                   Lakeshore – Whitney

Marshall Park bus stop

Marshall Park bus pull off (West Ferris High School)



Olmstead Park

Champlain Park

Kate Pace Way

Silver Beach

Sunset Beach



City prepares for 2021 Road Resurfacing Program
Gord Young
Communications Officer (705) 474-0626 x.2505