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Council approves 2022 water and wastewater budget

North Bay, ON – Nov. 17, 2021 – North Bay City Council has approved the City’s 2022 water and wastewater operating budget in the net amount of approximately $24.2 million.

The budget, which is up compared to 2021 by approximately $500,000, or 2.28 percent, will provide for the ongoing treatment and delivery of water and wastewater, ensuring these critical systems remain safe, reliable and financially stable.   

The 2.28 percent increase translates into $2.38 more each month for an average household consuming 14 cubic metres of water. A household consuming 16 cubic metres of water will see an increase of $2.60 per month and those consuming 20 cubic metres of water will see their monthly bill rise by $3.02. The rate structure will remain at 50 per cent fixed and 50 per cent variable for 2022. Council, however, has directed staff to review the fixed variable rate structure policy goal of 40 percent fixed/60 percent variable and that recommendations be brought forward for consideration during the 2023 budget process. In addition, the water filtration charge for all water system users has been eliminated.

Municipal water and wastewater services are funded by end users as mandated by the province. There are approximately 16,600 water/wastewater customers in the community. The City is responsible for more than 574 kilometres of water (304) and wastewater (270 ) mains, the operations of the wastewater treatment facility on Memorial Drive and water treatment plant on Lakeside Drive, 17 sewage lift stations. Water distribution facilities consist of the following: Ellendale Reservoir, High Lift Pump Station & Re-chlorination Facility; CFB Reservoir; Cedar Heights Pumping Station & Standpipe; Judge Avenue Valve Chamber & Re-chlorination Station; Birch’s Road Standpipe and Re-chlorination Station; and Airport Road Standpipe, Booster Pumping Station and Rechlorination Facility.  These assets are critical in the delivery of clean drinking water and the safe and environmentally responsible disposal of wastewater. 

Council approves 2022 water and wastewater budget
Gord Young
Communications Officer (705) 474-0626 x.2505