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Permit required for recreational open air burning

April 9, 2021 - North Bay Fire & Emergency Services: With the warm weather upon us North Bay Fire and Emergency Services are receiving numerous requests about Recreational Open Air Burning Permits.

Open air burning is permitted inside our urban and rural areas but only if specific criteria are met including property size, device specifications, adherence to fire safety rules and with a valid burning permit. Recreational open air burn permits can be purchased online for $27.00 at

Recreational Open Air Burn Permit Requirements: 

  • Commercially manufactured device with maximum footprint 24” x 24” and maximum volume 9 square feet.
  • Burn area must be at least 20’ from each property line and at least 6.5’ from any combustible structure or object including buildings, fences, trees etc.
  • Burn shall be on a non-combustible surface or if on a combustible surface such as a wooden or composite deck it must sit on a course of brick and a metal sheet that extends 2” from the base.
  • Not on a balcony or rooftop and not on a deck situated above the first storey.
  • Burning only between the hours of 7:30 pm and 1:00 am
  • Have a method on hand to extinguish the fire (water etc)
  • Burning by a competent adult only and always attended
  • Report out of control fires immediately
  • Be respectful of neighbours
  • Burn only clean, dry seasoned wood or charcoal
  • Do not burn when wind conditions may cause smoke to be a nuisance to your neighbours (wind less than 15 km/hr)


Refusal to comply with these conditions or where an Enforcement Officer has a safety concern, the Enforcement Officer may immediately suspend or revoke the Permit.  Where North Bay Fire and Emergency Services responds to or inspects an open air fire that is not in compliance, a set fine may be imposed as well as a fee of $485.00/hr for each fire truck that responds.



Permit required for recreational open air burning