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Downtown Waterfront Improvement A place to see what's happening in the Downtown Waterfront

Our Downtown Waterfront

North Bay is incredibly fortunate to have a large and publicly accessible waterfront in such close proximity to the Downtown Core. This asset is much loved by residents and appreciated by visitors and greatly contributes to North Bay’s reputation as a dynamic centre in Northern Ontario.

Historically, the rail lines located between the Downtown Core and the Waterfront have made physical connections between these two entities very difficult. The construction of the pedestrian underpass in 2009 has improved this connection, but more work needs to be done moving forward.

The Downtown Waterfront Master Plan (DWMP), completed in 2017, capitalizes on opportunities to:

  • Create improved connections between the Downtown Core and the Waterfront,
  • Reflect North Bay's Indigenous history in meaningful ways, and
  • Create new centers of activity (both indoors and outdoors) that can maintain a vibrant Downtown and Waterfront year round.

North Bay's Downtown Waterfront is unified in a comprehensive long-term vision that brings together economic strength, social parity, environmental sustainability and cultural vibrancy.

Completed Projects & Initiatives

These projects and initiatives serve to improve our Downtown Waterfront through physical development and policy initiatives. 

Downtown Snow Removal Improvements (2019-2020)

Block by block snow removal was implemented to improve mobility within the Downtown Core

Projects In Progress

Tell us how to improve our Downtown Waterfront

Joel Therrien
Special Project Development Planner (705) 474-0400 x.2404