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Lee Park

Sliding hill is located down the side of the overpass.

Thomson Park

Sliding hill is located by the skate park.

Safety Guidelines

Make sure you’re in control and safe.

Check the hill

  • Make sure the hill is free of hazards like trees, rocks, bumps, fences and bare spots
  • Check to see that there is a lot of room to stop at the bottom of the hill, away from rivers, roads or railroads
  • Avoid ice-covered areas

Check your gear

  • Use proper sliding equipment. Inner tubes and plastic discs are difficult to control and can be dangerous
  • Avoid loose scarves, drawstrings and long ropes
  • Wear a helmet. Ski helmets are recommended since they’re made for cold weather and similar falls and speed

Toboggan safely

  • Kneel or sit on your toboggan. Don’t stand or lie down head first
  • Slide down the middle of the hill and climb up the sides
  • Make sure your route is clear before sliding
  • All children should be supervised by an adult
  • Please leave your pets at home. Pets may get excited, become hard to control and could cause injury