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Community Safety and Well-Being Plan

Project Overview

North Bay’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan (CSWBP) is a coordinated effort to foster a safe, healthy and inclusive community by responding to identified priority risks. The Plan, which is required under the Police Services Act, builds upon the community’s strengths while also addressing gaps in the community’s safety and well-being landscape. Ultimately, the Plan sets out to meet locally identified goals, outcomes and objectives through evidence-based outputs and actions.

For the purpose of this planning and implementation, 'community safety and well-being' is defined as a multi-sectoral approach to mitigate reliance on reactionary and incident driven response by implementing social development practices through identification and response to risks that increase the likelihood of criminal activity, victimization or harm. 

  • A reduction in harm and victimization for all members of the community and a decrease in the upward trends in demand for, and costs of, incident (emergency) responses.
  • Local risk factors are identified, prioritized, and addressed before they escalate and reach critical levels.
  • The response matches the need: individuals are receiving the right response at the right time by the right service provider.
  • Risks to community safety in areas such as mental health, addiction, homelessness and housing, are addressed without the use of emergency resources where possible.
  • The demand for incident responses and acute care resources is reduced.
  • Community resources relevant to community safety and well-being are coordinated and aligned.
  • An implementation framework and system is in place to implement the CSWB plan and monitor, evaluate, and report on the plan’s progress and outcomes.


Commission of Plan

The CSWB Plan was commissioned by the City of North Bay in the summer of 2020.

Research and Mapping

Local research will be reviewed and the existing community safety and well-being landscape will be mapped.

Resident and Stakeholder Feedback

Focus groups will be held including a public survey in March 2021 to assist in the identification of priority safety, health, and inclusivity risks in the community.

Partnership Development and Plan Implementation

An action plan will be developed in coordination with stakeholders and partnerships will be established to drive the Plan’s successful implementation.

Final Draft

The Final draft of the CSWB Plan was presented to City Council on June 15, 2021.

Adoption of Plan by City Council

The CSWB Plan was adopted by Council Resolution 2021-264 on June 29, 2021.