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Budget 2022

Each year, we build a budget that balances the need to provide services, facilities, and infrastructure to meet the needs of residents and businesses while working to keep property tax and water and wastewater rate increases at a manageable level. The proposed general and wastewater operating and capital budgets are currently being developed and will be posted once presented to Council. 

Public Input

The City of North Bay invites individuals, organizations and businesses to provide feedback on the 2022 municipal budget. Residents and property owners are asked to share their priorities and input electronically by email to:

Additionally, all Committee meetings held throughout the budget process will be available to the public for viewing on the City’s YouTube Channel.

Council approves 2022 water and wastewater budget

Read the news release.

Previous Budgets

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Property Tax Information

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How Your City Budget Works

How Property Assessment and Taxation Works


October, 19

User Fee Report to Council 2022 Water & Wastewater Operating Budget to Council 2022 Water & Wastewater Calculated Rates to Council

October, 25-27

Special Committee Meetings – 2022 Water & Wastewater Operating Budget and Water and Wastewater Rates

November, 3

Special Committee Meeting – 2022 Water and Wastewater Rates Public Meeting and User Fee Public Meeting – this is a specific date that allows for 14 days notice prior to passing new rates

November, 16

2022 Water & Wastewater Operating Budget Approved 2022 Water & Wastewater Rates Approved User Fees Approved

November, 30

2022 Operating Budget Report to Council (Council receives the Operating Budget) Capital Budget Report to Council

December, 6 -7

Special Committee Meetings – 2022 Operating Budget

December, 8

Special Committee Meeting – 2022 Capital Budget

December, 9

Special Committee Meeting – Combined Operating Budget and Capital Budget


Special Council Meeting – 2022 Capital Budget Approved and 2022 Operating Budget Approved

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