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Garbage Information

Garbage is collected once per week for the residential sector, with a maximum of two bags/containers per household per week. For the business sector, garbage is collected twice per week, with a maximum of six bags/containers per collection. The maximum weight for each container for both the residential and business sectors is 15 kilograms, or 35 pounds, each. Containers shall not be larger than 150 litres, or 33 gallons. Pick-up is delayed one day after statutory holidays except for Boxing Day. 

Large appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, washers and dryers cannot be placed at the curb due to their size and weight. Appliances that are still in good working order, can be sold or sent to a second hand store.  Appliances that are no longer working will be accepted at the Merrick Landfill,  based on the tipping fee schedule, or may be accepted by a local scrap dealer.

Garbage Bag Tags

Bag tags to go on extra bags/receptacles are available for purchase for times, such as during spring cleaning or when moving, when residents have more garbage than normal, exceeding the two-bag limit. Extra bags/receptacles can have a maximum weight of 15 kilograms, or 35 pound and receptacles cannot be larger than 150 litres, or 33 gallons. The City will collect three extra garbage bags/receptacles per household as long as they have a bag tag.

City garbage bag tags can be purchased at the Customer Service Center on the Main Floor of City Hall at 200 McIntyre St. East, for $2 per tag.

Use one bag tag for each garbage bag or receptacle over the allowable limit of two bags/receptacles.

On a garbage bag:

  • secure top of garbage bag with a twist tie or not.
  • attach bag tag above the knot, on the neck of the bag. Do not use tags as a twist tie.
  • ensure tag has adhesive ends pressed tightly together and the full tag can be seen.

On a garbage can:

  • do not place the bag tag on the garbage container itself.
  • place the bag tag on the top bag inside the garbage container.
  • make sure the bag tag is clearly visible when the collector opens the lid.
  • only one tag on the top bog for the entire container to be collected as long as it is no larger than 150 L (33 gal) and weighs no more than 15 kg (35 lbs).

Waste collectors will not accept bags/receptacles with torn tags. You must bring garbage that can’t be bagged or placed in a container that is 150 L (33 gal) to the Merrick Landfill. 

Recycling and Garbage Collection Calendar

North Bay's Recycling and Garbage Collection Calendar is a useful resource that’s published annually and is available for free to all city residents. It includes tips for living a greener lifestyle and information to help you keep track of your collection days, as well as a list of items that can be recycled. Copies are available at Customer Service Centre on the first floor of City Hall. Residents interested in the previous calendar format can call 705-474-0400 to arrange for an electronic or hard copy. Get notified of waste collection events with the North Bay Recycles App or download the calendar.

Get Waste Pickup Notifications

Check out the NORTH BAY RECYCLES app to easily lookup your waste collection schedule and get notifications of waste collection events so it's easy to know which week is your recycling week. Available for iOS, Android and modern web browsers