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Master Plan

Active transportation is all human-powered forms of travel, such as walking, cycling, in-line skating, skateboarding, skiing, canoeing, and more. It can also be combined with other modes, such as public transit.

What are the Benefits of Active Transportation?

  • Health– active transportation provides the opportunity to be active on a regular basis and as part of your daily routine. Stronger bones and muscles, improved self-esteem and sense of well-being while reducing stress and risk of chronic disease all benefit those who use active transportation.
  • Environmental – active transportation can improve air quality and water quality while reducing green house gas emissions and global climate change. Less roadways and parking lots saves valuable green space
  • Economic – active transportation saves money on parking, fuel and health care costs
  • Social– active transportation increases social interactions, provides calmer, safer streets and reduces crime, traffic noise and congestion
Master Plan - Active Transportation

The Active Transportation Master Plan provides the necessary framework for planning, upgrading, and developing the city’s active transportation system over the next 20 years. The plan addresses North Bay’s growing need to expand its active transportation system beyond recreation-focused trail systems to a network that promotes, encourages, and increases daily non-motorized commuting and transportation travel throughout the city.