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Meeting Room & Auditorium Rentals

Beginning Tuesday, March 1st, proof of vaccination will no longer be required to enter our local arena facilities.  This is as per the provincial regulations outlined below:


“Public health and workplace safety measures in effect from March 1:

If public health and health care indicators continue to improve, the following public health and workplace safety measures will take effect on March 1, 2022:

  • lifting of capacity limits in all indoor public places
  • lifting of proof of vaccination requirements with companies allowed to voluntarily enforce them.
  • other protective measures such as the requirement to wear a mask or face covering and active/passive screening of customers will be in place.
  • health districts can deploy local and regional measures based on local health indicators.”


Face masks will continue to be mandatory at all three arena locations.

Meeting Rooms

A variety of rooms are available at each of our arenas that could accommodate community meetings, recreation programs, fundraising events and other special activities.  These rooms vary in size to accommodate groups up to as many as 150 people.

Contact either the Pete Palangio Arena or the Memorial Gardens Arena to confirm availability.

Auditorium Rentals

This is the perfect place for your next family wedding, anniversary or retirement party.  The facility offers the flexibility of hiring your own caterer and running your own bar (licensed through a special occasion permit).  This room seats 150+ for dinner.  Amenities include: microwave, fridge, dishwasher, tables, chairs and an elevator.

For more information on booking your special event, please contact either the Pete Palangio or Memorial Gardens Arena.

Facility Rental Payments

All facility rental payments are due 7 days prior to the rental date.  Payment can be made over the phone with Visa or Mastercard or you can stop in at Pete Palangio or Memorial Gardens during the regular business day to pay debit or cash.

Room Rental Rates

The following rates are in effect from September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022.

Additional fees may apply depending on the event/set up requirements.

HST is to be added.

Rates increase annually as of September 1st.

Meeting Room

Rental Fee

Auditorium (Meeting Room) $96.46
Auditorium (Non-Licensed Event) $276.20
Auditorium (Licensed Event) $368.24
Boardroom - 3 Hours $27.08
Boardroom - Half Day / 5 Hours $57.91
Boardroom - Full Day / 9 Hours $96.46
Boardroom  - Weekend / 48 Hours $158.83
Boardroom - Weekly / 168 Hours $238.23
Lounge (Licensed Event) $151.26
Special Event (i.e. Birthday Party, Baby Shower) (Room only) - 3 Hours $57.91
Special Event (Room with Ice Rental) - 3 Hours $27.08 plus ice rental fee

Municipal Alcohol Policy

Below is the Municipal Alcohol Policy with guidelines on hosting your liquor licensed event.