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For those who are interested in volunteering at one of our 11 outdoor rinks, an information package is available at the Arts, Culture, Recreation and Leisure Services Department. This package outlines how the volunteer based program works, City support services, volunteer training and responsibilities. Each person who wishes to volunteer must complete the volunteer form below.

Due to COVID-19, volunteers will only be assisting with rink flooding for the 2020/2021 season.  

With volunteers and proper weather conditions, a rink could be operating in your neighbourhood before Christmas.

For more information call 705-474-0626 ext 2329.

I understand and acknowledge that The Corporation of the City of North Bay (hereinafter referred to as the "City of North Bay") holds a municipal liability policy to defend against claims by third party. The limit of this policy for all damages arising out of one accident or occurrence or a series of accidents or occurrences from one cause to third parties is $5,000,000. Any volunteer worker of the City of North Bay will be defended under this policy from any third party claims. I further understand that the City of North Bay does not carry disability or worker compensation insurance coverage for my benefit. I further understand and acknowledge that an authorized employee of the City of North Bay may terminate my services as a volunteer with the Outdoor Rink Volunteer Program at any time without notice or cause. I agree to follow all guidelines, standards and codes of conduct, which may be set by the City of North Bay. I further agree to follow all federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations when working as an Outdoor Rink Volunteer. Do you agree?