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New Garbage Bag Limit

New Garbage Bag Limit

Two bags per household as of Jan. 1, 2022

Starting in the new year, the weekly garbage limit will change from three bags/containers per residential household per week to two bags/containers per household per week. The maximum weight for each bag/container is 15 kg (35lbs), each. Containers shall not be larger than 150 L (33 gal.).

When you have more bags than the permitted limit, you can buy tags. Each household will be permitted to place a maximum of four additional bags at the curb on its scheduled garbage collection day as long as the bags over the limit are properly tagged. 

Application for Special Consideration for Garbage Bag Limits

You may be eligible for the City of North Bay's waste exemption program if you have a valid reason for special consideration such someone in the household with a medical condition, or children in the household under the age of four in diapers.

You will be contacted at the email address or phone number provided on the form when the application is approved, denied or more information is required. 

Please note If your application is approved due diaper waste, you will receive weekly collection of one clear bag of diapers in addition to the approved two-bag/container limit. Participation in the City’s recycling program is a requirement.

Application for Special Consideration for Garbage Bag Limits

The Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) Sector

Also effective Jan. 1, 2022, the weekly garbage limit will change from 12 bags/containers per property per week to 10 bags/containers per property per week. The maximum weight for each bag/container is 15
kg (35lbs), each. Containers shall not be larger than 150 L (33 gal.).ICI properties with more bags than the permitted limit, can buy tags. Each property will be permitted to place a maximum of four additional bags at the curb on its scheduled garbage collection day as long as the bags over the limit are properly tagged.

This new bag limit will:

  • Help increase diversion
  • Preserve landfill space for waste that can’t be recycled or composted
  • Save natural resources
  • Reduce our impact on climate change

This change is aimed at helping to protect the environment by increasing recycling within the community and diverting more waste from the municipal landfill, thereby extending the life of the facility. Past audits have indicated as much as 40 per cent of residential waste arriving at the landfill could have been recycled. The Merrick Landfill Site is a multi-million dollar City asset and space in the landfill is extremely valuable. The cost of a new landfill site is estimated at more than $10 million.

Households that are unable to meet the two-bag limit will be required to purchase bag tags for each additional bag placed at the curb to a maximum of four over the permitted limit. Bag tags are available for purchase at the Customer Service Centre at City Hall for $1 each, until Jan.1, 2022, when the price increases to $2. 

The City will continue to provide weekly curbside garbage collection and will not realize any savings in contractor costs as a result of this new bag limit. Though there may be a small stream of additional revenue generated through an uptick to the existing bag tag system, the overall, long-term goal of the new bag limit is to divert as much recyclable and reusable waste from the landfill site as possible. Any additional revenue generated through the bag tag system will be used to support diversion programs.

North Bay, due to its lower population density, is not required by the province to implement green bin collection. The City has, however, made a significant investment at its the Merrick Landfill aimed at reducing methane emissions and its carbon footprint. The City operates a power generation facility in partnership with North Bay Hydro Services that utilizes landfill gas produced by organic waste at the landfill. The (methane) gas is captured through wells and piping networks throughout the landfill and is fed to a generator which feeds power back to the electrical grid.  Burning landfill gases reduces by at least 20 times the emission of greenhouse gases from the landfill site.

It is anticipated that the vast majority of households in the City will be able to meet this new bag limit on a regular basis, given that the average North Bay household puts out approximately 1.5 receptacles per week.  The introduction of additional diversion programs would warrant further adjustments to curbside collection.

The new two-bag limit is more consistent with those set by other municipal jurisdictions.

Yes. You may use any approved garbage bag, approved garbage container weighing no more than 15 kg (35 lbs). Containers shall not be larger than 150 L (33 gal.).

The discarding of any waste on any municipal property or private property without consent is illegal and subject to fines. The City provides waste disposal options for materials, including furniture and appliances, tires, electronics, household hazardous waste, leaf and yard waste. The City encourages anyone who encounters illegal dumping to report it. 

Bag tags

Bag tags to go on extra bags/receptacles are available for purchase for times, such as during spring cleaning or when moving, when residents have more garbage than normal, exceeding the two-bag limit. Extra bags/receptacles can have a maximum weight of 15 kilograms, or 35 pound and receptacles cannot be larger than 150 litres, or 33 gallons. The City will collect four extra garbage bags/receptacles per household as long as they have a bag tag.

Where to Purchase Bag Tags

City garbage bag tags can be purchased at the Customer Service Center on the Main Floor of City Hall at 200 McIntyre St. East, for $2 per tag. 

How to Use Bag Tags

Use one bag tag for each garbage bag or receptacle over the allowable limit of two bags/receptacles.

On a garbage bag:

  • secure top of garbage bag with a twist tie or not.
  • attach bag tag above the knot, on the neck of the bag. Do not use tags as a twist tie.
  • ensure tag has adhesive ends pressed tightly together and the full tag can be seen.

On a garbage can:

  • do not place the bag tag on the garbage container itself.
  • place the bag tag on the top bag inside the garbage container.
  • make sure the bag tag is clearly visible when the collector opens the lid.
  • only one tag on the top bog for the entire container to be collected as long as it is no larger than 150 L (33 gal) and weighs no more than 15 kg (35 lbs).

Waste collectors will not accept bags/receptacles with torn tags. You must bring garbage that can’t be bagged or placed in a container that is 150 L (33 gal) to the Merrick Landfill. 

Recycling and Garbage Collection Calendar

North Bay's Recycling and Garbage Collection Calendar is a useful resource that’s published annually and is available for free to all city residents. It includes tips for living a greener lifestyle and information to help you keep track of your collection days, as well as a list of items that can be recycled. Copies are available at Customer Service Centre on the first floor of City Hall.

Residents interested the previous calendar format can call 705-474-0400 to arrange for an electronic or hard copy. Get notified of waste collection events with the North Bay Recycles App or download the calendar.

Waste Diversion Strategy

In the coming years, the vision for waste diversion in the City of North Bay involves the implementation of a robust and conscientious system that encourages the participation of environmental interest partners, private industry, government, and local residents.

2021 North Bay Waste Diversion Strategy

Learn more about the proposed strategies aimed at expanding and enhancing participation in local recycling and waste reduction initiatives to ultimately divert more waste from the City of North Bay landfill.