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Budget 2023

The City’s budget is a financial plan that describes how much money the City will raise and spend within the year. It is the blueprint that aligns the City’s priorities with the services delivered to residents and guides decisions on what City infrastructure will be purchased, built, and repaired. Operating vs. Capital vs. Water and Wasterwater Budget – what’s the difference? The City of North Bay has three annual expenditure budgets: the Operating budget, the Capital budget, and the Water/Wastewater budget.

The City’s operating budget covers day-to-day spending on services such as recreation, parks maintenance, landfill, city roads, garbage collection, transit, marina, and fire services. Approximately 69% of the City’s operating budget is funded through property taxes. The remainder comes from user fees, grants, internal transfers and other revenues.

The City’s capital budget funds assets that support service delivery. It includes the cost of purchase, construction, repair, and renewal of City assets such as roads, bridges, equipment, community centres, water, and wastewater treatment plants, and other major infrastructure projects.

The capital budget is separated into two parts: General Capital Budget and Water and Wastewater Budget. Revenue sources include grants, debentures, capital levy in the operating budget (i.e. property taxes or user fees), and reserve funds.

Public Input

Feedback from residents and businesses is an important part of the City budget process. Submit your comments by emailing,or register to speak during an upcoming Council Meeting.

Where your tax dollars went in 2022

Every time you get a book from the library, take a ride on a transit bus or have your garbage and blue box picked up, you are using a City of North Bay service. City services touch every part of your life.

That’s why the budget planning process is so important – it sets the annual priorities for the City, i.e. where your tax dollars will be spent to maintain or improve services.

So where do your tax dollars go? What are you paying for? To the right, we’ve illustrated where and how your municipal tax dollars were allocated in City's 2022 Operating Budget.

Previous Budgets

Documents and information about past City budgets.

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Property Tax Information

Information on your property taxes and billing.

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Informative Videos

Learn about the City budget and how your tax dollars are put to work.

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January 4 Special Committee Meeting

2023 Water & Wastewater Operating Budget and Rates

January 9 Special Committee Meeting

Special Committee Meeting - 2023 Water and Wastewater Operating Budget and Rates

January 10 Special Committee Meeting

2023 Water and Wastewater Rates and User Fee Public Meeting – this is a specific date that allows for 14 days' notice prior to passing new rates.

January 17

Regular Council Meeting – Council to approve the following: 2023 Water & Wastewater Operating Budget; 2023 Water & Wastewater Rates; and User Fees

February 23 & 27

Special Committee Meetings – 2023 Operating Budget and 2023 Capital Budget

March 1, 2 & 6

Special Committee Meetings – 2023 Operating Budget and 2023 Capital Budget

March 14

Regular Council Meeting – Council to approve the following: 2023 Operating Budget; and 2023 Capital Budget


Shannon Saucier

Director of Financial Services (705) 474-0400 ext. 2237

Margaret Karpenko, CPA, CMA

Chief Financial Officer / Treasurer (705) 474-0400 ext. 2250