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Building Services

Building Services is responsible for issuing building permits and inspecting all building construction in the City of North Bay.

Building Permits and Inspections

Building permits ensure that construction within our municipality meets the standards set out in the Ontario Building Code and other applicable laws.

The Building Division reviews all building permit applications to ensure compliance with the Ontario Building Code, the City's Zoning By-law 2015-30, and all other applicable laws.

Mandatory Inspections

City Building Inspectors perform inspections as mandated by the Building Code Act to ensure work complies with the approved plans and the Ontario Building Code.

By administering building codes, and assisting builders, designers and home builders, we ensure that the structures they create are safe not only for today, but for many years to come.

Construction may commence upon issuance of the Building Permit. Mandatory inspections are required to ensure that all work is done according to the approved plans including changes noted by the plans examiner.  Your building permit will include a list of the required inspections for your specific project.

Examples of construction stages when inspections are required:

  • Prior to contruction 
  • Completion of construction 
  • After installation of fixtures 
  • Final inspection

Call the Building Department at 705-474-0400 ext. 2415, to book an inspection.